Benten Biotech | About us
BENTEN BIOTECH is committed to strengthening the R&D+i capabilities of the global animal vaccines laboratories. Designs new products and optimizes processes to ensure effectiveness and quality of final products under quality standards of US and EU pharmacopoeia, covering the specific R&D+i needs of the veterinary industry.
Advice and Development, Technology transfer, Raw materials control, Adjuvant optimization, Process design and scaling up, Down stream optimization, Standardized reagents, Specialized training, R&D+i, animal vaccines laboratories, veterinary industry, pharmacopoeia
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About us

The industry of veterinary biologics has a strong and sustained demand for generation and optimization of new developments. Benten biotech meet this demand for new products development and process optimization through a pilot scale biotechnology platform and an experimented team.

Benten Biotech aims to develop the competitive advantages of our customers in the context of an increasingly competitive market. In this sense, the possibility of having a specialized team as Benten biotech to meet the needs of R + D + i is very attractive for reasons of expertise, cost and efficiency.


Dr. Esteban Guerra
Co-Founder, Director

Esteban Guerra is doctor in Medicine and Veterinary Technology. Since 1996 his professional activity has focused on the veterinary diagnostic service, as well as on the development and production of veterinary biologicals for various companies in the livestock, pig and poultry sector. He also has teaching and research experience at the university level in the area of infectious diseases.

Dr. Guerra has an extensive international experience in projects for the design, optimization, scaling up and quality assurance of veterinary biologics at an industrial level. He has carried out theseprojects in for laboratories of Mexico, Argentina, Turkey and currently  Brazil and Romania.

Dr. Jorge Wenzel
Co-Founder, Project executive

PhD in Chemistry. Since 2008 he has contributed to several academic projects in the area of applied microbiology on the characterization and optimizing microbial processes in various types of bioreactors.

He has experience in projects formulation, experimental design, operation of biological reactors and tools of both classical and molecular microbiology, as well as in the development and design of analytical physico-chemical tools, separative methods and bioinformatics. This experience has been consolidated in several collaborations in scientific publications and in the professional contribution in the decision making for the operation of experimental reactors in international research groups.

Lic. MSc. Lucía Rodríguez
Project manager

Lucía is Master in Biotechnology in health area. She has experience in molecular biology, immunology  as well as in microbiology methods.  In the health research area, she has been worked in development on cell experimental models and immuno assays.

Dr. Natalia Ramos
Project manager

Natalia is PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She has experience in viral isolation, cell propagation, molecular biology and  immunoassays. In the health research area, she has been working in swine viral diseases.

Dr. María Lamas
Project manager

María has a PhD in Biological Sciences. She has experience in Immunology, cell culture models, molecular biology and immunoassays. At the health research area, she has been working in inflammatory animal models and signaling pathways activated during macrophage responses.