Benten Biotech | IVAQP: In vitro antigen quantification platform
BENTEN BIOTECH is committed to strengthening the R&D+i capabilities of the global animal vaccines laboratories. Designs new products and optimizes processes to ensure effectiveness and quality of final products under quality standards of US and EU pharmacopoeia, covering the specific R&D+i needs of the veterinary industry.
Advice and Development, Technology transfer, Raw materials control, Adjuvant optimization, Process design and scaling up, Down stream optimization, Standardized reagents, Specialized training, R&D+i, animal vaccines laboratories, veterinary industry, pharmacopoeia
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IVAQP: In vitro antigen quantification platform

The Implementation of in vitro tests on antigen quantification, formulation and quality control of veterinary vaccines is the most efficient and economical solution to avoid experimental animals use.

IVAQP facilitates the development, validation and production of in vitro models for the quantification of vaccine antigens. This new tool allows vaccine production laboratories to adopting animal welfare practices while reducing costs.


  • IVAQ C. chauvoei
  • IVAQ C. perfringens A
  • IVAQ C. perfringens C
  • IVAQ C. perfringens D
  • IVAQ C. sordelli
  • IVAQ C. tetani
  • IVAQ C. septicum
  • IVAQ C. botulinum C
  • IVAQ C. botulinum D
  • IVAQ E. coli K99-F41
  • IVAQ M. heamolytica leukotoxin
  • IVAQ development on demand
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