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BENTEN BIOTECH is committed to strengthening the R&D+i capabilities of the global animal vaccines laboratories. Designs new products and optimizes processes to ensure effectiveness and quality of final products under quality standards of US and EU pharmacopoeia, covering the specific R&D+i needs of the veterinary industry.
Advice and Development, Technology transfer, Raw materials control, Adjuvant optimization, Process design and scaling up, Down stream optimization, Standardized reagents, Specialized training, R&D+i, animal vaccines laboratories, veterinary industry, pharmacopoeia
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Our Services

Benten BioTech is the choice for outsourcing research and development activities in the animal vaccines and biotechnology  industry

R&D outsoursing

The core business of our company are the CRO services. Benten Biotech provides to our clients a platform and a staff with more than 15 years of experience in biologics development and bioprocesses optimization, down-stream process design and formulation of new veterinary vaccines. Benten Biotech is an extremely efficient option for companies that want to reduce their R & D + i deadlines.

Technology transfer

Benten Biotech has developed and optimized its own technology for the production, downstream and formulation of both monovalent and polyvalent vaccines against major infectious diseases of animals. Our technology has already been transferred to companies that operate under the quality standards of the European pharmacopoeia.

Raw materials control

We detected difference in the results in the production of antigens when using a new batch of peptones from the same supplier. For this reason and in order to be able to comply with the production planning of our customers we provide the control of the lots prior to their purchase. By being able to know the annual consumption necessary we realized in Benten Biotech the control of all the necessary inputs for the production of the antigen in our facilities. By controlling all the inputs, the customer is given the list with the batches tested and their performance so that the customer can request from his supplier the purchase of his inputs from a single lot if possible. This useful tool avoids surprises in the production minimizing the costs that this entails.

Adjuvant optimization

An important point in vaccines formulation optimization is the accurate selection and composition of the adjuvant, as well as the adsorption process when using aluminum salts. Significant differences have been detected in the performance of the vaccines when adjuvant is optimized, increasing the immune response of the immunized animals. This strategy contributes to high antibody titers for long time.

Process design and Scaling up

We offer the advice on the design of veterinary biologics production plants. We recomend the required technical specifications for bioprocess succes To the team of engineers who will build the plant.

Vaccine potency test

Outsoursing of potency test according to the American or European pharmacopoeia, of experimental vaccines formulations or production batches. Titration and characterization of vaccine antigens.

Down stream optimization

Specialized training

We offer customized training courses tailored to the needs of the company to its staff. The same can be done at the company’s facilities or at Benten Biotech Uruguay.